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How to Write an Attractive Resume Format

attractive resume format

An attractive resume format plays a vital role while appearing for an interview. Resume is also known as Curriculum Vitea (CV) which is a document created or used for presenting the bio data and other required information by someone.

It can be used for a number of reasons but the most common and foremost reason for making a resume by someone is while appearing for a job interview. It is a must for the job seeker to make an effective CV by putting in all the essential information so as to clarify all the basic and required detail about his career and qualification to the interviewer.

A resume is a blend of various personal and professional traits mentioned by someone so as to showcase their personality and skill to the interviewer. A fresher always has an eager wish to make an effective and efficient CV so that they can crack the targeted job and start their professional career. That is why how to make resume for first job is the most asked question among the passionate fresher job seekers these days.

What to write in skills in resume:

Following are the characteristics which, if included would certainly assist in making someone to make their CV attractive:

1. Accurate Personal Information-

The first and foremost essential thing to be added in the CV is to mention the accurate personal information, which may include Name, Address, Contact details like- Phone Number and a valid e-mail address, Date of Birth etc. Personal information is always supposed to be added correctly because if this is wrong, chances of getting the CV shortlisted become very less.

To exemplify, if a CV gets shortlisted due to the mentioned skills but when the HR person tries to contact the applicant on the given contact no. they won’t be able to connect if the mentioned contact no. is not correct. So, the resume will automatically get rejected in this case, which states that how much important it is to mention the correct personal information in the CV along with the skills and experiences.

2. Professional Summary for Resume-

A summary of the qualification along with the skills and experience is also mandatory to be mentioned in the resume as it states your vision towards your career and why are you looking for that specific job. No matter which resume format are you deciding to use, a proper summary should be there. It should sum up your best professional achievements, motivation and objective towards the applied job.

3. Professional Title for Resume-

Selection of an adequate professional title is also mandatory to be mentioned in a resume for making it more effective. It allows the other party to understand and classify the resume by knowing the type of work you do and what are you looking for. Titles can be basis the kind of skill you possess or it can be the designation you are experienced in.

The title should be a kind of eye-catcher for the interviewer or the shortlisting authority so that the CV can get shortlisted as soon as it gets in the pool of candidates for a job role. Whereas, in case of fresher candidates the title can be the kind of profession they are seeking.

4. Mention proper skills in Resume-

One should mention their skills properly in the resume. Be it any personal skill or professional. Skill is the capability of a person to apply their expertise in order to get the work done. Skills should be mentioned in a proper descriptive manner so as to clarify it completely to explain the expertise to the interviewer. If someone has technical skills then all the technologies should also be mentioned along so that it is clearly visible and understood by the individual while applying for the specific job role.

5. Work Experiences-

All the experience which the candidate has from different companies during their career should be clearly mentioned with whole details as- duration of work at that company, name of the company one has worked in and designation on which he was working.

Career details should be descriptively mentioned in the CV so as to make the expertise clear to the interviewer so that they can review the skills of the applicant with the desired skills of the role for which they are applying.

6. Attractive Hobbies for Resume-

Mentioning hobbies and other extra-curricular activities in which you are interested in is also important to be mentioned in the CV. Moreover, it should be mentioned in such a way so that it can be stated as effective and beneficial for the respective company.

The personality of the individual can be also determined from the mentioned hobbies. One should boldly mention all the activities in which he is interested rather than just mentioning the most common hobbies which are being used out there as- Singing, Dancing and Reading books.

7. Extra-Curricular Activities-

Extracurricular activities can also be mentioned in the CV to make it attractive for the role where personal traits are also important than just focusing on the professional work experience. These kind of details make clarity to the interviewer regarding the personality of the applicant in that case.

After drafting an attractive resume format, the next step is to check

How to mail resume for job:

Following are some points which should be taken in consideration while mailing your resume for job.

  • Mail should be drafted properly by specifying that why are you writing that mail and the role for which are looking to apply.
  • Use an effective subject line which should be self-explanatory to clarify the purpose of your mail.
  • Always double check the attachments to the mail.
  • The message in the mail should be to the point. It should not be too lengthy or too concise.
  • Mention a brief of your experience in the mail.
  • Attach the other mentioned required documents along with the CV in the mail.
  • Double check the employer’s e-mail address before mentioning it as recipient for the mail.
  • Include your name and contact no. in the signatures with regards at the end of the mail.
  • Review and proofread the mail to make sure that everything is correct.

Final Thoughts:

At the end, to inculcate it can be undoubtedly claimed that keeping in mind a few things while making an efficient attractive resume format for getting shortlisted for the job role which one persuades to apply for.

Moreover, CV should be intact with all the required essential information which provides a clear picture to the interviewer regarding the basic things which are in their perspective a good fit for the job role.

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