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Benefits for Interns or Freshers to Join Us

Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The first experience is always unique, whether in terms of anything that one gets in his life. Work experience is also one of the most valuable, which adds to one’s career and is memorable. First, work experience can be in terms of joining a company as an Intern or a fresher coming out directly from the college to get some exposure in the corporate world to implement all they have gathered theoretically and get to know how it feels to work with big corporates and what benefits for interns or freshers TWS gives.

Companies these days are also very eager to attract new and fresh talent directly from the colleges and universities, as this class of talent has proven to be highly energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about learning something new and achieving the goals more quickly than the others. This behavior is undoubtedly advantageous for the organizations since such an attitude of the candidates toward their jobs keeps them highly motivated, resulting in more efficient and effective.

Organizations these days are investing a lot to attract fresh talent to join them. A no. of benefits are being provided to attract them. Candidates these days are also sage in understanding the importance of internships in their careers. That is why zeal can be seen in them even when they are in the last phase of their studies. They tend to seek a good and reputable organization where they can learn and grow and the one which can also prove to be helpful in their further employment. Considering this thing, companies are planning for better benefits day by day to attract talent.

Following are the benefits provided by Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to the fresh talent who joins them as an Intern or who directly comes to them after completing their studies:

1. Earn while you learn:

The ultimate goal for everyone to join a job is to be financially independent. And we here at Tekki believe that all should be reimbursed as per the amount of effort they devote towards their work. Even if someone is joining us as an intern or fresher, we always tend to provide them a basic amount as a stipend to provide financial support to them to make them bear their day-to-day expenses. Studies have proved that the financial factor is the one that keeps one motivated and pushes them to grow in their job. So, we always provide the opportunity to the newbies to learn and earn simultaneously.

2. Exposure to practical world:

It is undoubtable that these days the universities and colleges are working so hard on the curriculum that the students are knowledgeable enough to understand how it works in the industry. But yes, the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge is always there until one gets an opportunity to work with a corporate to understand the practical side of the world. TWS provides opportunities to freshers by providing them career opportunities and exposure to the real world. It allows them to implement their practical know-how and understand how it is different from just reading from the books rather than implementing it in real.

3. Providing realistic work environment:

What many organizations do is that they keep their workforce sitting differently apart from the interns or trainees, which may result in significantly less or no interaction among them. However, We at Tekki Web Solutions believe in providing a natural work environment to the trainees and freshers by making them sit alongside the developers: To shadow them the whole day and observe them and get to learn new things or logic every minute of their work time. They are provided to be a part of the actual work environment where they can see and experience some of the other aspects. Also, like- it is not just about coding only. They should observe and learn how to handle clients, tackle them in tough times, have interactive communication with them, etc.

4. Job opportunity after internship:

Tekki Web Solutions provides the chance to join them and work here itself after completion of their internship. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for the candidates to get a suitable job opportunity after the internship. To overcome such circumstances, Tekki provides ample opportunities to the interns and trainees to join the team after their training. It is beneficial in both aspects, and candidates get the confidence to work in an environment where they took training and are habitual to it. In contrast, the organization receives a passionate and energetic workforce for kick-starting its career.

5. Career Stability:

Everybody requires to have a stable job in terms of the work opportunities, growth, and participation he is getting there, and also with this financial factor is also something that has to be considered equal. However, in the initial stage of the career, one has to struggle a lot these days to find the best organization in terms of the work. Also, the remuneration they expect and when they get it clubbed with an environment where they can plan for a stable career acts as a cherry on the cake. Tekki Web Solutions tends to provide a home-like work environment so that one should feel comfortable while working there. Also, ample opportunities are provided to the employees from time to time, leading them to spend a good amount of their career. They are stable at their job with TWS with complete security in terms of work opportunities and timely financial growth. At the moment also, we have various employees working with us, who joined us as Trainees or fresher’s and now they are leading the teams and are more than satisfied with their job.

6. TWS academy:

TWS Academy is a platform wherein one can get free study material collated in one place by our experts. It has different courses, videos and some documents which were made and planned in such a way to help the newcomers or fresher’s. It helps to learn and understand the required aspects of the technologies they are working in. All the new joinees, whether they are fresher’s, interns, or experienced, are provided with the login credentials of TWS Academy, from where they can select the suitable course as per their genre and start learning accordingly.

7. Efficient course material:

Efficient course material is provided to the candidates joining Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. As interns or fresher’s, they are provided with proper course material to learn from, under adequate supervision and guidance of our industry experts. We at Tekki believe in giving full-time to the interns that they feel is sufficient to get efficient in the skills they are expected to have and provide them with all the required resources to do the same.

8. Involvement in client projects:

During the training and internship period, the seniors feel that the candidate is now good enough with his skills to work on the tasks or be a part of the projects. Assignments or projects given by the client are indeed given a chance to do so irrespectively that they don’t have any previous such experience or haven’t handled such responsibility before. The employees are given a fair opportunity to be a part of the client projects under supervision guidance to explore and understand the realistic concepts better.

The benefits mentioned above undoubtedly prove to be the best and most helpful to the newbies who join our organization as interns or fresher’s coming out directly from their academic world to explore the practical side and be the industry’s future leaders. TWS always welcomes the new talent with open arms by providing those ample opportunities for investigating and experiencing a whole lot of new things.

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