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Creating a positive candidate experience

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The interview process is always challenging for all experienced or fresher candidates. Sometimes, due to nervousness, the candidate experience cannot perform their best as per their potential, which may result in a loss for the candidate and the company since the interviewer also tends to lose a good candidate. During the interview process, the company or the interviewer must ensure the environment is light, and the candidate is not pressured while performing. Creating a comfortable environment for the candidates can also be challenging for the company, but creating a positive experience is necessary. The kind of environment one gets to experience during the interview process impacts their decision to join the company to a great extent. Even if the employer has a bucket full of benefits in the job offer for the candidate but if they have yet to experience that positivity and comfortability, there is a high chance that the candidate may refuse the offer. Moreover, it is also crucial to attract top talent from the market and build the company’s reputation.

TWS always puts a lot of effort so that the candidates during the interview process with us should feel different. We keep analyzing things and working to improve the candidate experience and explore more and better ways to add to our interview process, which we can add and make the process more comfortable and quick while yet efficient for analyzing the candidates’ skills. 

Candidate Experience refers to a job seeker’s overall experience, from applying for the job to going through the recruitment and hiring process until he joins the company after the final offer. From the employer side, it involves having clear and transparent communication throughout the process, treating candidates with respect and professionalism, and providing a fair and effective hiring process. 

Why Is It Important To Create Positive Candidate Experience

Here are several significant reasons which state that why it is essential to create a positive candidate experience:

  • Attracting Top Talent: Better candidate experience during the interview process helps attract top talent from the market. The more positive the experience is, the more inflow of candidate profiles a company will get. Also, candidates will likely accept the offer in such a scenario and recommend the company to others. 
  • Company Branding and Reputation: Negative experiences of candidates can damage an employer’s brand image, as word of mouth is one of the effective forms of brand reputation in the market. 
  • Employee engagement: Candidates who experience positivity during the interview process are more likely to get engaged with the company quickly and are motivated to start their new role. This can result in a higher retention rate and increased productivity.

At TWS, we always address the factors to improve the candidate experience and emphasize creating a positive experience for the candidates during the whole process; here is how:

  • Clear and concise job posting- Our job postings are always clear and concise, which candidates should quickly and utterly understand. We post the vacancies in the form of banners on social media, which includes a brief of the requirements. Moreover, we always provide transparent information about the job and qualification requirements, responsibilities, etc. 
  • Active Hiring Process: The hiring process at TWS is highly active. We have an automated CRM process that is streamlined in such a way as to complete the hiring process quickly and accurately. With the help of automation, we have made the process simple and user-friendly. 
  • Regular Communication: At TWS, we ensure regular and effective communication with the candidates throughout the hiring process to ensure that no candidate should feel left behind and that all the information regarding the job role or related to the hiring process is being effectively and on time to the candidates. Timely emails and messages are being sent to the candidates via our automation to keep them updated with the status of their applications and what are the next steps, as we always believe in following transparency in communication. Moreover, regularly being in touch also helps the hiring team to make a rapport with the candidate so that they can feel comfortable and positive during the hiring process. 
  • Create a Welcoming Environment: We always create a warm, welcoming environment for our candidates during the interview process to make them comfortable and reduce their nervousness during the interview process, which helps them perform efficiently.
  • Respecting Candidate’s Time and Availability: We at TWS always respect the time of the candidate during the interview process, whether it is while scheduling their interview, during the interview process, or at the time when it comes to giving their final consent on the offer if they get selected for the role. However, a specific timeline is set, and candidates can consent within that time to avoid unnecessary delays. 
  • Providing timely feedback: Providing timely feedback to the candidates is vital to keep them positive and engaged during the interview process. Feedback, whatever it is, even if it regards their rejection or selection, should be given time to the candidates to value the time and efforts of both the candidate and the company. It can also help the candidates improve for future opportunities.
  • Personalise candidate’s experience: The hiring process at TWS is flexible enough to be personalized if and when required. Personalizing and titling the process for the candidate make them feel more engaged with the company and generate a sense of connectivity. 
  • Positive candidate experience on-site: We ensure to make the on-site interview process is as positive and welcoming as possible by greeting the candidates warmly, providing them with a professional yet comfortable environment, providing them with a brief about the company and its policies, offering them refreshments, clearing the doubts of candidates, if any and providing them with some company goodies as a token of love. 

To conclude

A candidate’s experience during the initial hiring and interview process is crucial to keep them engaged and connected to the company. At TWS, we always create a highly positive and comfortable environment for the candidates to experience so that they can also give their best during the hiring process. 

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