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Career Advancement And Employee Development

career advancement

Career advancement Employees in any company or Organization may be driven through various financial or non-financial benefits. Still, the essential fact or reason for their stability directly depends upon the type of opportunities and exposures they are getting through that particular Organization.

In today’s era, understanding the behaviour consequences of an employee is very complex. Every employee working in a team has different goals and plans, but all of that comes from a common factor, i.e., career growth plan and the employee’s Development. At Tekki web solutions, our Company focuses on providing various benefits to the employee throughout their services to the Company and making sure to plan a career for the individual for their Professional Development for the upcoming years.

As humans, we need to get out of our zone occasionally, so we should accept ourselves as capable of taking on new opportunities. Prioritizing career growth benefits both the employee as well as the Company.

For the Companies, it helps in the following way-

  1. Building Trust– Prioritizing your employee’s Career growth help in building a strong connection of trust and mutual growth between the Company and its employee, which further takes to benefit no. 2, i.e. Retention.
  2. High Retention Ratio– It also helps the Company to retain the resource of good manpower in the Company by simply providing the employee with timely growth and other opportunities.

For the employee, these are the following benefits they get-

  1. Increased Salary– Growing your career will eventually increase your salary, which helps in achieving more financial wellness.
  2. Higher Potential– Career advancement helps the employee to reach and achieve high potentials, as it pushes you to avail new opportunities rather than staying where you’re at for too long.
  3. Higher Motivation– With a pre-decided advancement goal, an employee tends to show their best at work, increasing motivation.

Career advancement can be different for different employees; it also depends upon the phase of the employee life cycle. Here are some standard growth plans listed that an employee seeks-

  • Learning and expanding Current Job Description.
  • Earning Promotion
  • The better Job title with associated responsibilities and authority.
  • Gain Additional Leadership skills.
  • Getting decision-making power, even if it’s in a small way.

What is a manager’s role in Career advancement and growth?

So, making career growth a priority has to be started with the Company itself. In our Company, the managers or team leaders play an essential role in showing the career path to the employees and actively encouraging them to understand and focus on it.

In the following way, we plan and design the career growth plan of our Company’s employees-

  1. Consider the Career Goals– The first and foremost step is to conduct the meeting and know about the employee’s career growth plans, either short-term or long-term. It will help in understanding the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies that support the particular goals of the employee.
  2. Recognizing Potential vs Readiness- There is always some difference between the potential and the readiness to do new things or take new opportunities. Because opportunities always come with some amount of risk. An employee may have the potential but not be ready to move into the new role or visa-versa. 
  3. Considering all types of Training and Development required- Every new role requires training and learning to be fully efficient in that particular role. The employer’s responsibility is to ensure that the person has become a fully efficient coach and mentor.
  4. Make a Plan- After analyzing the employee the first three factors, the next step is to develop a plan for their career advancement and their professional Development.
  5. Setting the Timelines- The next step we do is to set a flexible and elongated but fixed timeline to achieve the career growth points to be eligible for the following increments or promotions.
  6. Monitor Progress- The next step relies on the employer’s side to manage and carefully monitor the employee’s progress to analyze and evaluate the employee’s performance from the start to the end of the career mapping of that particular individual.
  7. Take Away- The last step under the career mapping of an employee is Take away; it refers to reviewing the whole Process from beginning to its ending and evaluating whether it was a good decision or not to shape the career growth path of the employee.

Final Thought-

In conclusion, we ensure that our Company, Tekki Web Solutions, designs and ensure the professional growth of its each and every employee by focusing on their career advancement growth plan mapping in such a way that they feel motivated and accomplish the same hand, promotes the mutual growth and association towards the Company. For reference, click the link below to know our hiring Process.  

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