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TWS Culture vs Other Companies’ Culture – How We are Different?

Companies Culture

Companies culture is something that is always considered to be on the equal side along with the other factors which affect the stability and performance of an employee at workplace. The best way to improve the values and culture of a company in order to sustain the talent which they have. Different types of organizational culture can be found out there, but it is a strategic decision which an organsiastion has to make that what kind of culture is to be chosen or what all are the traits that may be included in order to make the work culture better.

Major traits that affect the efficiency of the work culture of a specific organization is how stable are its employees by being the way they are being treated, irrespective the financial factor. Studies have proven that Companies culture, work environment, how the employees are being treated, are the factors which are being checked and verified by the candidates while applying for a job. Also, it is well said by someone that A candidate can compromise on the salary while joining a company if he is getting an adequate work culture but if work culture is not good enough than candidate won’t even join on higher salary.

A Good Work Culture of a company can be defined as where employees should feel positive to work, low mental pressure and opportunities to learn and grow. So, a good companies culture is said as important as salary for the employees. Organizations these days are implementing best and new traits for advancing and improving their work culture, in a competitive spirit as till some extent it is benefits them in attracting the talent.

Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has also devoted huge time and effort in improving its work cultural practices for making the work environment better and employee-friendly in comparison to the other companies of the industry. It always believes to show what is a good company culture?

Following can be some of the practices which are being followed by TWS under its work culture:

1. Birthday Celebrations:

We always make efforts to be a part of happiness of our employees on their special days. We celebrate b’days of all of our employees to add into their joy and make memories with them which could be remembered for lifetime. Every month we choose a day to celebrate B’day of all the employees born in that month, which is full of happiness, fun and excitement with special cakes for them.

2. Festivities

At Tekki, all the festivals are celebrated with high enthusiasm, utmost energy and excitement by the team. We tend to celebrate all the festivals with great zeal, considering our team as a family and our workplace being our second home. Our celebrations of every festival start from here.

3. Annual Events:

Tekki organizes yearly events for its employees on the occasion of company’s anniversary. This event is the biggest celebration for us all, which is intact with energetic performances by our employees, fun activities and games, variety of snacks and drinks etc. This is organized at some outdoor location, and all of our employees are supposed to be a part of it and enjoy the moment to fullest.

4. Rewards and Recognitions:

Tekki always believes in rewarding its employees for the hard work and extra efforts that they devote towards their work. The best performers are recognized each month by the title of “Employee of the Month” and “Appreciation of the Month”. Both of these employees get their recognitions among all during the Monthly General Meetings. As a reward to these recognitions they get some bonus amount also. The employee who achieves the title of Employee of the month gets some other benefit as well along with the bonus amount.

5. Lunch Parties/Outings:

Lunch parties or such outings are organized for the employees and their team leader whenever they get any projects ended with 5 star ratings or if they get some bonus from the client over and above the charged amount. The whole team is rewarded with a lunch outing at one of the renowned restaurants where they can have fun, food and relax by getting a short break from work.

6. Fun Trips:

We organize trips for our whole team once in a year, which ends up in refreshment for them and then they are back to work with more zeal and enthusiasm. These trips are sometimes one day or even for multiple days as well basis the demand of our employees.

7. Sports Events:

A Sports event is organized every last Saturday of the month for all the employees to show the hidden sportsman inside them. All the day and night shift team members gather to play cricket, badminton, Volleyball or any such sports. It refreshes them after long, tiring month of work and here at this time they can just play their heart out and also it benefits their body after all sports are a kind of exercise.

8. Periodic Meetings:

Periodic meetings are done by team leader with their teams regarding the progress they are achieving in the tasks, challenges being faced and how to outcome those. Also, these meetings are helpful in discussion regarding the difficulties being faced by any of the team member so that no one in the team is suffering alone and they can openly discuss their problems within the team so that all can help them to resolve it. Also, General meetings are also organised on monthly basis by the company, where all of the department gather and participate. This is to discuss all the achievements and challenges in general also if any announcement is supposed to be made regarding any policy of the organisation, then that can also be made or discussed during this meeting. These periodic meetings provide an open platform to the team to come forward and discuss their issues, experiences and achievements. Performers of the month are also awarded and announced during this month only.

9. Remote Work Policy:

We believe in providing flexibility in working to our employees and as and where they need. So, they are given chance to work from home. 2 work from home is allowed to the team members basis any exigency. If due to any reason they are unable to come at work, then they have the choice to work from home any day twice a month.

10. Leave Enchashment:

At the time of their joining with us, all the employees are provided with a specific no. of leaves (casual and privilege) which they can consume as and when they need. At the end of the year, if they are left with any of those leaves then that are paid to them in cash form and then again from the beginning of their next year with us, their leaves gets renewed and this cycle goes on.

11. Paid Overtime:

Paid overtime is provided to each employee who works more than their working hours. If and whenever, due to the need of hour or any important client project tasks, if the employee is needed to work after the working hours, than that time is paid to them. As per our policies, we have planned for some specific ratios in which the overtime will be paid. These ratios differ for the employees to work on weekdays, weekends and Sundays or public holidays.

12. No Timebar for Increment:

Employees here is TWS, are provided for the increments as per their performance and the efforts they devote in their work, irrespective of any specific time bar. One who is performing as expected and achieving the given targets within the time frame can get incremented even multiple times a year. So, if you are a hard worker and you aspire to achieve something in your life, Tekki is the place where hard work actually pays off.

13. Flexible Work Shifts:

TWS benefits its employees with flexible work shift. Our culture is to help the employee get a proper work-life balance and dynamic work environment. So they are free to work as per their availability. If someone has any important work to do, it can be adjusted in their timings. They can come to work late or leave early in order to maintain the balance and have a perfect blend of professional as well as personal life. It doesn’t matter if they are coming late or leaving early, the only thing which matters is that they should complete their shift time.

14. Work-Life Balance:

Work life balance is something which we always claim to provide to our employees. All the traits of our work culture and the benefits which are provided by Tekki to its employees, these all benefits them to have a balance between their personal and professional life. They work hard with full enthusiasm and motivation while they are at their workplace and once they get free from here, they get to spend quality time with their family without any work distractions.

All the about mentioned benefits reflects the culture that we follow at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for providing a balanced and home like environment to our employees. We always believe to benefits the employees in the same manner as they work hard at their job. That is why all the policies, rules and regulations at Tekki are designed in such a manner so as to result advantageous both for our employees as well as the organisation also, and which can subsequently result in the growth of both.




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