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Ways To Solve Employee Grievances in Office

Employee grievances

Employee grievance is the most common topic for every company or organization. As professionals every employee and employer both on their ends, should know how to deal with it. The grievance can be anything, it can be a personal complaint, issue, or general dissatisfaction with the job or environment which can result in lower productivity in their work.

It is always the prime duty of the company to resolve the employee grievance at the first call because if not solved on time it could affect their morale. In short, your ability to handle the grievances of employees can directly impact overall productivity at work.

Employee Grievance can be defined as the gap between what your employee expects and what they fail to get in return from the management. This thing always needs to be tracked very carefully. An HR professional should invest their time in understanding what their employee needs.

What are different types of Grievances? And

Most of the time, a grievance by an employee is a formal complaint raised by an individual working in the company against the company, co-worker, management or any other person or situation associated with the company and claimed under the Employee rights.

Grievances are of many different types, but some of the most common ones are-

  1. Grievance related to Payroll- This is a complaint or issue that an individual raises against his/her payroll. It may be a situation where the employee feels unsatisfied with their pay. It can be better managed only if a regular pay and salary review is done internally and externally in the company.
  2. Bullying Grievances- It may happen that team members of the company find it difficult to manage with each other. But it anyhow doesn’t allow any kind of bullying or harassment. A culture should be created where no one is allowed to follow such practices. Moreover, creating a fearless organization is the best practice to ensure workplace safety.
  3. Working condition Grievance- TWS does not take any chance of losing any of its valuable employees due to bad working conditions. In order to follow such guidelines, we focus on adding and improving the best infrastructural facilities across the city.
  4. Workload Grievance- Sometimes, an employee feels dissatisfied or overburdened with the amount of work expectations from them. In that case, their work productivity also goes down. Tekki ensures not getting work done from their employee over the cost of their health and wellness.

As such situations will drop their morale and their willingness to work will go down.

Employee Grievance is part of the Personnel Management or Behavioral modeling where a specific person is responsible for timely checking the psychology of the employees to analyze in advance what the employee wants or should at least manage to have interactions with them to know what they expect or any issue they face in their daily working environment. There are a few ways that can be helpful for both the employee and employer to address the grievances. They are mentioned below-

  1. Open communication
  2. Suggestion box
  3. Open door policy
  4. Surveys and polling
  5. Regular feedbacks
  6. General meetings
  7. Effective Exit Interview meeting
  1. Open Communications– Every company should focus on encouraging open and easy communications in the official environment. There should not be space for discomfort or reluctance to talk on any matter that in any way affects or causes the low morale of your employees. There can be a specific committee for the same that should encourage the employee to come up front with their grievances and in return get the solution for the same.
  2. Suggestion box– For any kind of anonymous complaints or suggestions, as per the law there should be kept a suggestion box in every company at an easily accessible location for the employees. The fear of adverse managerial actions can be avoided through such practices.
  3. Open door policy– It is the policy that helps empower the employees through open communication channels, where you can connect to the person you want to share all the grievances with. This ensures transparent communication between the employee and the senior management to get their grievances addressed.
  4. Surveys and Polling– Surveys and polling are considered to be the best way to discuss the opinions of different individuals or employees for the betterment. It may be conducted periodically in the form of questionnaires and self-report measures. This method will help in knowing the different opinions of the employee and may later help in decreasing the different types of employee grievances.
  5. Regular Feedback– Management should consider making different types of feedback forms digitally, on a regular basis on ongoing processes and procedures to address the opinion, execution, and after-effects of different things for the employee in a company. In this way, management can better judge the psychology of the employee and handle their grievances in a better way.
  6. General Meeting– Conducting general meetings on a regular basis within the company is another best practice to innate a method to know your employees better, to discuss their issues or suggestions that may decrease the chances of unaddressed issues of the employees. Other than this, this method also empowers employers to have an open discussion in a group with all the team members.
  7. Effective Exit Meeting Interviews– If in any case, any employee feels unable to discuss something throughout his/her employment with the company then in that case this method lets the employee discuss or raise issues regarding anything they feel is not right or happening right in the company. This method opens up the area of improvement for the employer in the company.

To conclude, whatever the cause, and wherever the blame may lie, at the minimum it means that someone within the company is unhappy. And that is not a productive situation in the workplace. Following these actions will help to resolve the conflict and respond to any problems as quickly and simply as possible.

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