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What Makes Leadership Strategy Successful?

leadership strategy

Every Industry is working to build leaders who can contribute to the growth of the businesses. Any person can be a leader who can motivate, coordinate and inspire others. But most importantly, they should have accountability for others and the results they produce. Thus, businesses are Leadership obsessed with smooth functioning at their operational and development end. By believing yourself accountable and responsible on behalf of a tea, a leader must know his team well regarding their strengths, weaknesses, qualities, area of expertise, and so on.

Who is a Leader?

A leader is a person who inspires others towards achieving the goals of the organization and ensures the follow-up of the same by other team members by motivating and inspiring them.

Leadership is not a modern world concept. It has been followed for ages but for different stated reasons. A leader inspires others in terms of their work, commitment, integration, or any other quality. Mahatma Gandhi, who inspire thousands of people, shows his leadership quality which includes majorly 3 I’s

  • Insight
  • Integrity
  • Inspiration, which comprises the Leader into him.

What does it take to be a leader?

Leader exists at every level and in every department of the organization. But, it’s only sometimes one person who leads the whole organization. Leadership is not limited to one specific personality. Every person should be a leader of their own in the most effective manner; the only thing required is Continuous Learning – be it learning something new or Learning from your failures. Some are born leaders who possess all the qualities of a leader; such leaders are identified by their subordinates/team on their own, as they like to follow or seek suggestions from the Leader. But time has changed. Human behavior is challenging to predict (for which the concept of Behavioral modeling has been formed). In such cases, the Leader has to transform themselves as per the need, and the concept is known as Transformational Leadership.


Leadership and its different styles:-

Today there are different types of Leadership that other organization may follow, but primarily the leadership styles have been grouped into four parts, they are as follow:-

  1. Autocratic
  2. Democratic
  3. Laissez-faire
  4. Transformational

Autocratic Leadership-

Under such type of Leadership, the top management gives the command. He makes up policies, strategies, and procedures and ensures the subordinates’ follow-up.

Democratic Leadership-

He is also the participative Leader who ensures subordinates’ engagement in decision-making.

Laissez-Faire Leadership-

This style enables the subordinates to work and engage freely without a leader’s participation.

Transformational Leadership-

Under this type of Leadership, the transformational Leader is eager to evolve personally and professionally to achieve the organization’s goals.


What are the key elements of successful leadership?

Here are the 7 essential key elements for successful Leadership to ensure smooth functioning and efficiency of the employee. These elements are the same for all types of organizations.

key elements successful leadership


A leader should be authentic in their work, inspiring loyalty and trust toward their employees. A leader’s authenticity refers to living passion, personality & values without compromising and motivating others to do the same.


A successful leader is empathetic towards his team member, which includes truly listening to others as if you are in the other person’s position to ensure connectivity with the employees.


One of the core principles of Leadership is trust. A leader must be trustworthy and willing to take a risk to place trust. On other people around them. This element allows people to lead, be creative and make decisions independently.


Self-aware standards genuinely knowing your strengths and weaknesses by the self-assessment test and how they affect your actions and the other person’s actions. Self-awareness is a quality of a good leader as well as it also helps in better decision-making and motivates others to do the same.


This feature involves adaptability to different personalities, environments, and strategies per the situation’s requirement on Leader’s behalf. This element shows the principle’ change is the only constant, which ensures that a leader should always be open to change in the organization and must be able to adapt to those changes as well.


Love is an innate motivating force by the Leader towards his subordinates. It is the feeling of compassion towards others. Research has shown that the feeling of care work as a motivator for employees and further ensures productivity and increased engagement on the employee’s side towards the organization.

Growth mindset- 

A leader should have a positive mindset towards organizational growth, which comes from continuous learning and development. A leader must act as a learner at every stage in their professional life. A growth mindset is promoted by effortlessly working and facing challenges.

 Thus, any person with special knowledge, skills, and expertise, including these seven elements of Leadership, can be termed a successful leader.

For the Final,

it can be undoubtedly claimed that there is a proper hierarchy of leaders and team members followed up at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This method of Leadership ensures accountability at both the end from the Leader from a team member as well, which helps in achieving the goals of the organization. For every team member here, we have one assigned person as a leader/senior/mentor who assists the working of their subordinate most effectively and efficiently, which will ultimately contribute to the growth and success of his personal and professional goals.

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