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How do we set OKRs for team members in tekki web solutions?

OKRs for team

OKRs are very different from other methods of evaluating the performance of employees.

At Tekki Web Solutions, we ensure the development of each and every employee designated at any position in the Company as we believe that every Company should have a clearly stated vision for themselves as well as for each employee in order to make him achieve his personal and professional goals along with the Company’s goal.

OKR varies from one employee to another employee working in the same organization.

OKR builds up a link between management and its employees, as they are predefined objectives for the employees. We consider it the best way to reduce any kind of miss understanding and delays in terms of our follow-ups for further processes and procedures.

What is OKR?

OKR is a goal-setting framework for a company. OKR helps in keeping transparency among the employer and employee about-

  • What is expected to be done?
  • In what time frame it has to be done?
  • How will it be evaluated?
  • What would be the benefits/rewards for the employee? 

It is a kind of scorecard that we use here in Tekki to keep a fair track of the performances of employees.

OKR comprises two wide terms, namely-

– Objectives
– Key Results

How we plan OKR’s for our Employees?

OKR’s in our company are based on SMART model Approach, that says:-

  • S- Specific
  • M- Measurable
  • A- Achievable
  • R- Relevant
  • T- Time bound
Where an employee wants to go. What has employee achieved so far?
Basically we design 3-5 objective for a team member. Every objective is associated with measurable key results to track the performance.
They can be around a quarter to around a year, based on how fast an employee achieves their objective, and what is the provided time frame. These results should be in term of quantity and measurability as well to track the performance.
They are designed keeping in mind the growth of an individual. Key results are the evaluators we keep for rewarding the employee time to time, it can be in the following ways-
  • Peer Recognition
  • Social Recognition
  • Employee of the month
  • Appreciation of the month
  • Bonuses
  • Increments
  • Pay Raises
  • and other benefits and rewards etc.
    (Terms and co. applied)
They are not time bound, but we expect minimum 70-75% of its achievement with in the time. The results of OKR are also actionable.
  • Good Performance- That will take them to the committed Increments.
  • Bad performances- It can also cause you Diminution.

How we make OKR’s implemented towards the career development of our employee’s?

These are the following steps we keep in our mind while implementing Different types of OKRs for different type of employees-










  • Introducing OKRs to employees:-

At the very first month of an employee with our company, we make him know about our company’s vision and mission and what we expect from his/her job role in order to make our company goals achieved, with a provided time frame.

  • Integrating OKR with the employee’s personal career development goals

This step involves communicating, discussing and linking those developed OKR’s with the employee’s career aspiration.

Because we believe that an employee can contribute best when he/she links themselves best with the job role and expectations out of that job.

  • Reviewing OKR frequently-

The next step includes the employer’s side to track or review the day to day report of the employee towards the OKR provided. And also we focus as adjusting the help to the employee wherever and whenever required.

  • Evaluation-

Every set of expectations need to be measured with actual performance in terms of its achievement, to follow an effective method or approach. Evaluating key results is the performance measurement step, which is justified by the employer’s side and is actionable for different things.

  • Rewards-

This is the last step, as we believe every good performance needs to be appreciated with in a time frame, to keep employee motivated and dedicated towards the work he/she does.

We have kept different rewards for different achievements as stated above in the table (1).

What are the key benefits of developing OKR’s?

Increased Focus

Goal Alignment


  • Increased Focus :

OKR helps an employee to prioritize their task list and when expectations are already set employees shows more engagement and motivation towards their work.

  • Goal Alignment

OKRs help align goals across the company such that every employee knows what the organizational strategy is and how they are contributing towards it.

– Growth

OKRs help employee and employer to track the performances and growth of the company as well as individuals and assist helps at every step to ensure the growth and stability of employee.

– Accountability

Since OKRs are set collaboratively, every individual tends to show accountability for their tasks and assigned work.

Summing up-

OKRs helps establishing and communicating high level organizational goals in a clear, transparent and growth oriented approach.

For our company which is focusing to grow this year in terms of team members and goals associated with our each employee we focus on developing new OKRs for team quarter to quarter to keep them engage and motivated towards various rewards as well.

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