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Organizational Structure at TWS

Organizational Structure

A company’s organizational structure plays a significant role in its functioning. It is crucial as all the major factors, like workflow, hierarchy, and communication, depend on how the information flows within the structure of a company. It also affects the employees because more composite organizational structures can cause more complexity in things, due to which employees may not be able to sustain for long in the organization. The companies currently follow different organizational structures as per the company’s nature and work because the suitability may also vary from company to company. 

At TWS, we keep our employees at ease so that they can perform to their full potential while keeping in mind their comfort and abilities to work. We do not believe in complex structures or elongated hierarchies regarding authority and delegation. 

We at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. follow a Functional Organisation Structure, a Role-based organizational structure. It is a structure to organize the workers. It organizes the company into different departments basis their role and specialization, and each department will have one senior who regulates it all. 

The characteristics of Tekki’s organizational structure are as follows:

  1. Centralised Leadership: Following the functional organizational structure, the main feature is Centralized leadership, under which there is a chain of command and each role has well-defined responsibilities. Under this, the leaders or the specific senior authorities are majorly involved in the planning and decision-making within the organization, which is then further implemented and executed by all. It helps to define the processes and establish authority within the organization. A well-formatted hierarchy in the organization only facilitates centralized leadership; without it, leadership or decision-making can’t be centralized. The skills and expertise of the senior or experienced leaders are used for critical thinking and analyzing crucial situations, which may then lead to forming essential decisions within the organization for situational or future purposes.
  2. Hierarchal Structure: A well-designed hierarchy is another major factor in our organizational structure. Simply put, it is a pyramid-shaped organizational chart in which the chain of command moves down, with each level decreasing authority and responsibilities. In our TWS company structure, we have a well-defined hierarchy of roles basis which the authorities are delegated to the specific member at every level. This facilitates the downward shifting of responsibilities, which helps the employees working at mid or lower levels to perform their best and prove their capabilities to move up to the next level.
  3. Delegation Of Authority: Functional organizational structure provides space to the employees working at a mid or lower level in the organizational structure to work as per the given roles and responsibilities, show their best performance, and move up in the structure to the next level, which will result in add-on authorities and responsibilities. In our company structure, the seniors can delegate the duties and authority to their subordinates, and using employees at every level can grab it as an opportunity to perform their best and grow upwards in terms of role and authority.
  4. Role Based Structure: In a functional organizational structure, the whole team is divided into different teams while all work under centralized leadership and authority. It is a well-defined Pyramid-shaped work structure where management rules at the top-most level and then follows downwards by different positions as per their role, responsibility and authority. The organization is divided into different divisions; a leader heads each division, and all those leaders report to one centralized authority. Departmentalization is done based on the role or function as HR, Sales, Finance, Marketing, etc.. each function is then focused on its specific role in the organization. 
  5. Well Defined Reporting Relationships: The reporting structure should also be well-defined as the organization is segregated based on its specific roles and departments. In our company structure, all of the employees of a specific department report to their respective senior of that division. Reports are sent per the hierarchy to the specific senior person, who is then evaluated, and ultimately, the final report is provided to the top-most senior management. 
  6. Standardised Processes And Procedures: Since the departments have well-defined roles, it also leads to the standardization of processes and procedures in every department. There is one senior in every department which defines the work processes or other standard procedures, making it easy for all the respective subordinates to follow it and work precisely. 
  7. Better Communication: A functional organizational structure also has better communication as information or ideas can flow in a standard way per the hierarchy. Role-based division in functional organizations facilitates a lack of cross-functional dependability, thus ensuring fewer distractions and disruptions in the organization’s flow of process, procedure and ideology. 

Above mentioned are the features of the organizational structure being followed at Tekki. We follow a functional organizational structure since we keep things standardized and well-defined to facilitate the same in our company structure. The centralized leadership, though, results in keeping things streamlined. While the top management and well-designed hierarchy undoubtedly result in better communication and collaboration within the teams, improved quality of work, prompt decision making and many more advantages, at the same time, it taps into employees’ strengths to work their best and move ahead to the next level in the chain of command to be on the senior level position in their specific department. 

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