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Steps to Follow in Selection Process for Hiring Employees

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Recruitment is the most crucial part in every organization. Thus, the selection process while hiring candidate should always be done perfectly so as to hire the best talent as per the requirement for the vacant positions. The hiring and selection process should be designed and performed with immense focus.

As this is the foundation for bringing in the best talent for the organization who can further result to be the future leaders and stable workforce for the organization. Every organization follows a specific hiring process including several steps which are performed every time any hiring is supposed to be done.

The hiring and recruiting process plays a very crucial role in the selection process of every organization.

Steps involved in selection process:

There can be the multiple steps that may involve in the process of recruitment and selection of an organisation. Following are the steps in recruitment and selection process being followed by Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for hiring the best workforce from the industry.

1. Pre-registration form:

The first and foremost step in the hiring process is to fill the initial pre-registration form in order to submit your application for a specific profile. This pre-registration form is a Google document which records all of the required information of the client as- Personal details, Contact no., Educational Qualification details, previous work experiences, any certifications or courses done, Resume etc.

This information can be stated to be beneficial for the primary shortlisting of the profile, if filled correctly, all the required information would be clear to the employer or the HR department which would lead to pick up the best out of all the contenders and proceed towards the next steps of the selection process.

2. Assessment test:

Next step is an assessment test for the profile for which the candidate is applying. This assessment test may involve some questions regarding the profile to check the basic understanding of the candidate towards the concepts of the technology and requirements of that profile. This test majorly results to check the theoretical knowledge of the candidate for the role for which he has applied.

The organization has also kept a specific threshold score for each profile which is a must to be scored by the candidate so as to get shortlisted and taken ahead to the next step. These thresholds result in lessening the no. of applicants by shortlisting and proceeding ahead with the most relevant ones.

3. Practical test:

Practical task assures to check the practical know-how and to check the hands-on ability of the candidate to solve the practical assignment. The statements or tasks to be done practically would vary basis the experience of the candidates and as per the requirements for the job role for which one is applying. Practical task is assumed to be the last and final assessment of the practical skills of the applicant before he gets selected for the desired position.

Once the candidate is done with the shared task, the response or solution is then shared with the specific technical team lead for getting it checked and verified if it is fine or not, so that the HR department can proceed ahead with the candidature of that applicant accordingly.

4. In-person interview:

If any practical task results to be clear and the solutions is valid solving the provided statement, this will result in the selection of that profile for further and final rounds of the hiring process. The candidate would be then called to have a face-to-face discussion with the technical team lead regarding the specific profile for which one is getting selected.

This in-person interview would involve some theoretical questions regarding the profile of the candidate like his previous experiences, his expectations, any query related to the provided tasks, if any.

5. Final selection and HR round:

Once the candidate profile gets shortlisted basis the selection process, then he/she would be called to have the final round of discussion in the process of recruitment and selection of the profile. During this round, the candidate would have a discussion with the HR Manager regarding the profile and salary breakup which is being offered to the candidate.

This step may be involve various kind of discussions regarding the negotiations on salary, designation which is being offered, date of joining etc. The mutual decision would be a consequence of consent between the HR Manager and the candidate.

6. Joining documentation:

After getting selection and once the offer negotiation is done, next step will be to complete the joining documentation. For this process, candidate is called to the workplace before the date of joining so as to ensure that whole documentation and joining formalities are completed before the selected candidate comes to join the office.

7. Welcome onboard:

The last and final step in the process of recruitment and selection of a candidate is to welcome him on-board. On the day of joining, candidate is welcomed by their team and further introduction and company orientation sessions start during which the new team member is made familiar to the existing team of the company, company’s culture and values etc.

Moreover, From this day one gets to know completely about the responsibilities of the role in which one is indulged so that gradually the new comer can start growing in the same.

The steps in recruitment and selection process of an organization plays a vital role in choosing its workforce and getting the best talent placed as per the needs and requirements of the company. Selection process of every organization should be well-planned and in such a way that it should lead to a fair decision both at company as well as candidate’s end by checking the capabilities of the applicant against the need of the job role.

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