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Soft Skills- An Integral Part Of Professionalism

soft skills

Whenever we go for an interview or meet someone for the first time, even before getting known to our nature and personality or if I talk about an interview then before going through the resume or examining the skills that one owns, there are some other unsaid factors basis which one is analyzed by the interviewer. These factors can be unsaid in some cases but can’t go unnoticed. How you talk, behave, greet, or communicate an integral part of your personality, which is considered an equally important factor as your professional skills. Soft Skills such as Empathy, kindness, emotional intelligence, Integrity, mindfulness, self-motivation, resilience, etc., are crucial success factors.

Nowadays, as the world is changing rapidly, how work gets done is also evolving. Soft skills for resume are given equal weightage during the interviews and at the workplace as previously given to the candidate’s technical skills and professional expertise. Sometimes, even if a candidate has excellent skills, soft skills, or basic etiquette like- time management, kindness, humbleness, self-motivation, etc., are missing, it may lead to rejection from the hiring process. 

Following are some of the basic soft skills example that one must adapt in their personality these days to grow and succeed in their professional career along with staying technically skilled:

Some Soft Skills Points

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Time management is one of the essential traits everyone should have in their personality these days. It is the soft skills to get over all the delays and layovers. One must be efficient enough to prioritize their work to get it done effectively and deliver it within the desired TAT (Turn Around Time). Time Management is a very basic habit that starts with punctuality and thus can lead to proper planning of work and prioritizing the work as per its importance and timeline to complete it.
  • SELF-MOTIVATION AND OPTIMISM: It has been observed that self-motivated employees tend to need very less oversight and micro guidance by the management. One who is self-motivated will find the way out of every critical situation and will always lead to success. Optimism, on the other hand, is an attitude of hopefulness and confidence about the success of something. One who is an optimist and also self-motivated at the same time can never get defeated in tough corporate situations. It would help the employee to cope with the situation and stand strong to find the way out while someone who is a pessimist.
  • ADAPTABILITY AND RESILIENCE: Adaptability and resilience are critical to finding an employee while hiring. One needs to be open-minded enough to take on all the responsibilities and adapt to the new culture and environment of the organization to gel with the team and improve efficiency, rather than being that one employee who stays quiet, alone, and in their shell. Resilience is the art of never giving up and trying till you achieve your desired goal. Organizations these days prioritize choosing candidates for the job who have a super adaptive nature to get gel up within the organization quickly and are willing to take up new tasks and challenges and also are resilient enough to get it done the way it should be trying and trying harder and not giving up.
  • INTEGRITY: Integrity is the quality of honesty and having moral principles to follow and act within the organization’s policies and procedures, even when not noticed. The Management and HR department always check on the employees and observe them for their acts of Integrity. In today’s world, where everything is so fast-paced, people always look for shortcuts and get short-term gains Integrity in such cases may be a bit long, but it may lead to more efficient results and long-term growth.
  • EMPATHY AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Soft skills such as Empathy and Emotional Intelligence are always underrated, but these are among the most important traits to highlight someone’s personality. The ability to share and understand and share each other’s feelings while being aware of the emotional strength to control or express them is lacking in the candidates these days. Gen-Z’s are becoming emotionally weak and damaged as they seek monetary benefits rather than intellectual or interpersonal relationship building. Emotionally Intelligent teams have a competitive advantage, and it has been found that Empathy is one of the most important skills to hire for. 
  • ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY: Workplace Ethics are very vital for every organization, and they always tend that all employees must follow. Ethical Responsibility is one of the most basic yet crucial soft skills that everyone should have. One must be ethically strong, even in terms of personal and cultural ethics or the work ethics they are supposed to follow while working with an organization. The more ethical one is, the more is he likely to take Responsibility for their work, respect their and other person’s time, give others credit, follow effective teamwork, etc. 
  •  MINDFULNESS: Mindfulness is focusing on one’s awareness of the present moment and being conscious of it. One must act mindful all the time, even if it is at work or anywhere else. Awareness of own acts, words, and behavior is important so that one should not defend the other person in any manner. Sometimes, even if we don’t intend to do it, if we make the wrong choice of words while communicating with the other person, it can easily defend them as the interpretation could go wrong. Being mindful always at the workplace is very important, and it is an important factor that a candidate is judged during the interview when being hired for a specific job role. 
  • CREATIVITY SKILLS: Soft skills also consist of creativity skills like- Innovation, Eagerness to research and develop new things, or molding and presenting the previous terms of working. One must be innovative enough to get and create new ways of working, Coming up with new and innovative ideas and concepts to deal with tough and critical situations to make it interactive o work under tough situations and get desired results easily and comfortably. Eager to learn and innovation soft skills are vital soft skills for hiring. 
  • FLEXIBILITY: Flexibility is similar to the art of adaptability, but these differ when it comes to getting out of those traditional shells of working techniques and getting used to the new innovative working methods. A rigid person would always struggle to go for modern and innovative working methods. In contrast, someone who is flexible enough to bend their ways of working towards something out of the box would always be able to get their work done more quickly and efficiently.
  • NETWORKING: Networking is the art of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional and social contacts. In today’s fast-paced and growing era of industry, Networking is something that would always help one to get their work done smoothly. The more connections you have with people within your industry, the easier it will be to get out of any work or situation when you get stuck. Your connections may mentor you, teach and explain new and different perspectives of handling and doing work, or sometimes they may have some connection ahead to help you get your work done. So, never lose any chance to network with people and make your network of connections more and more strong. 

To sum up

It can be stated that Soft skills are undoubtedly an essential part of today’s time, especially during the hiring process for potential employees by any organization. We at TWS also give equal weightage to soft skills and technical skills and expertise. Even after onboarding, employees have examined the basis of their personality traits, behavior, and soft skills that may affect their increments, promotions, or, to an extreme extent, their employment with us. Tekki Web Solutions always believe that their workforce should be highly professional, and soft skills matter a lot in that case, as these strengthen other skills and abilities. Team members with these soft skills will be equipped more quickly and easily as the future evolves.

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