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TWS: Your Go-To Recruitment Agency

staffing and recruitment

TWS also serves the industry partners as a staffing and recruitment partner, providing services that can value the other companies. As a recruitment partner, we offer a skilled workforce to the companies as and when needed. TWS also acts as an IT staffing agency to help provide staff to them as per their requirement for any project, which can be permanent or temporary, i.e., project-based. Following are some of the services that TWS provides as a recruitment agency:

IT staffing services: 

Providing the required IT staff to the hiring partners to facilitate their needs on time. To do the same, we first collaborate with the various companies with such requirements to make them our clients so that we can serve them with the best talent- Programmers or Software Engineers, Cybersecurity experts, etc. 

Candidate Sourcing: 

Sourcing the candidates per the client’s requirement from various sources so that we can facilitate timely deliverables as needed. Talent sourcing can be done through multiple channels such as job portals, referring from the current open pool of CVs in our database, social media, existing employee references, etc.

Skill Matching: 

Skill matching is also an integral part to be considered while staffing and recruiting. It is performed notably to ensure that the talent sourced suits the client’s requirements well. 

Interviewing and Assessment: 

All the well-matched candidates are then interviewed to validate their skills and expertise per the client’s specific requirements in order with the technology, etc. Various interviews can be conducted at different stages by different stakeholders. This may include face-to-face interactions or video calls for verbal discussions, and assessment tests can be taken to assess the practical feasibility of the candidate with the role as per their skill sets. This process ensures the candidate is a good and efficient match for the job. 

Temporary/ Permanent Staffing: 

IT staffing and recruitment can be quick and permanent staffing services. Temporary staffing can be the hiring or recruitment done on a contractual basis or for a specific project only. Permanent hiring can be when any resource/candidate is being hired full-time/part-time with any client company for a permanent position, irrespective of any specific tasks or projects. In today’s diverse hiring scenario, both kinds of hiring are being processed by the companies in the IT industry, which has made IT staffing more flexible and adverse as well, as most of the candidates can now be found working with multiple companies at the same time as a freelancer or a part-timer. 


Headhunting talent is the primary function being performed by staffing agencies. Headhunting states hunting or finding the best talent per the client’s needs by ensuring that it matches the skills and expertise required for the role. 

Remote Workforce: 

TWS, as a recruitment agency, provides the best talent to the clients, facilitating their remote hiring models. The IT industry is so vast and dynamic that it does not need the time presence of candidates or employees at their workplace. So, currently, the remote hiring model is immensely preferable to the employees and employers there. TWS helps to provide a remote workforce for supporting the flexible working model by ensuring the availability of employees or candidates even if they are sitting in any other corner of the world.

Industry knowledge: 

Being an IT staffing and recruiting agency, it is essential to be updated and intact with the current trends in the industry. Having the latest industry knowledge may include understanding and learning about the job roles that are more in demand these days, upcoming technologies, and the upcoming skillset that may trend so the workforce can be aligned accordingly concerning supporting the future supply to the direction of the industry. These market insights and information about the trends in the industry can be valuable to the clients for their further decision-making regarding their hiring strategies. 

A diverse workforce: 

TWS specializes in providing a diverse workforce to help clients build various IT teams. This diversity can be in different terms- gender, experience, skills, cultural background, location preferences, etc. 

Consulting Services: 

Being an efficient recruiting agency for facilitating IT staffing and hiring, TWS enables other consulting services to the clients, helping the clients to assess their recruitment and staffing needs, providing market insights for strategic hiring decision-making, providing diverse workforce to eliminate any time condition when it comes to availability of the employee to work when there are any urgent or essential tasks etc. 

Those mentioned above are the services that are being provided by TWS to its partner or client companies, acting as an IT staffing and recruitment agency to facilitate talent acquisition for them while ensuring the deliverables are on time and per the client’s requirement. 

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