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Terms & Conditions of Employment Policy- Pros & Cons for employee and company

Terms & Conditions of Employment Policy

In today’s market, there are a number of jobs available in the market for the candidate to evaluate and choose the best out of it as per their requirement and expectation for their career growth. While on the other side, this can sometimes be a hurdle for the companies as the best talent can get missed and acquired by the competitors or another organization since every organization these days is trying their level best to provide the best package and other benefits to their employees for holding on the best talent to themselves. This is why many companies have started applying some terms and conditions of employment with them for employees. It ensures a sense of commitment to the company that the employee won’t quit without any specific reason and would go along with them.

However, on the other side, it has been observed that a no. of times, employees or candidates do not feel safe to commit sometimes on such terms. This can be fair to some extent, as no one can rely on any organization until they experience the benefits and good things. Understanding the significance of employment terms and conditions is important for the employees while joining a company because these are not only beneficial for the companies, but also employees can get a sense of long-term commitment by signing the terms and conditions as then the company would also be obligated to keep the employee and not lay them off or terminate without any genuine reason. 

Terms & Conditions of Employment Policy

At TWS, two major employment conditions are applicable at the time of joining documentation of the employees and are significantly important. Any shortlisted candidate not acknowledging these conditions may be dropped out of the process if not agree to these terms. 

  • Security Condition
  • Service Agreement 
  • Security Condition: Security, either in the form of any document or a part of the salary, is the most commonly used way while employing any candidate at any specific job role. These days it can be seen that majority of the company in various industries do the same in order to retain their talent with them. Similarly, like the other terms and conditions of employment, security deductions are also sometimes considered negative by the employees, thinking it is useless and that they may not get it back while they leave or as asked by the company. However, the major purpose of companies to hold the salaries as security is majorly to retain the talent with them for the specified time period. It is assumed as something which the employee would be concerned about even while leaving, even if there is any emergency situation as well. 

At times when there is any emergency situation on the employee’s side in any personal matter, let’s say, or if they want to leave the company, they just drop a message or mail or either sometimes just get absconded from work due to any reason. But in such scenarios, work gets hampered a lot. A project which is being handled by that specific employee at the time would be difficult for some other developer to understand, and that too in a moment of emergency. So as per the company’s perspective, if there is some amount or any document frozen by the company, then employees would atleast consider informing the management if they are planning to leave so that any other resource can be arranged for the work so that it should not hamper. 

At TWS, we also follow the security condition while employing the shortlisted candidates. It is obvious that the scenario won’t be the same in the case of all the employees, but there are always some experiences behind the policies or conditions fixed by the management, and that is something that everybody has to follow then.

  • Service Agreement The service agreement is to take consent from the employee or candidate regarding their employment. All the policies and conditions of employment are clearly mentioned to be read and considered by the employee before joining so as to make sure that they will stay with the company for a specific period of time. Some companies are even employing the candidate’s basis a bond which means that they can’t leave the company before the mentioned period, or otherwise the company may have the right to sue the candidate in such case or take adverse actions against the employee for not following the agreement. 

Signing the service agreement for employment at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt Ltd is also important while onboarding a candidate. However, the service agreement at TWS is not a bond. Undoubtedly, it is for a specific period. Still, suppose anyone has any urgency or emergency at the personal end between that period and has to leave the company. In that case, they can leave by serving the proper notice period. So it is not a bond here. But yes, we want the candidates to agree to the other terms and conditions of employment with us; only then we’ll proceed with them further. If someone is not comfortable agreeing on any part of the service agreement, their candidature may drop out of the process at the joining documentation stage itself. 

Summing up

So as a result of this, it can be said that the terms and conditions of employment, whatever any company has specified, are of great significance to them. Candidates may sometimes feel it is more adverse than their comfort, but it is nothing like that. There is always a reason behind everything, and so do these conditions. At TWS, we also ensure that any of our policies may never affect the employees, but it will be done only if all follow these properly. 

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