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Triangle of Success – How TWS use it for developing Learners?

Triangle of success -Featured

To survive better and best in this competitive world, every person, no matter what designation, needs to know and understand what components make up a triangle of Success. It is a proven concept of Success, representing the 3 success ingredients: Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes. 

A person can perform well only if he understands his Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude, which further involve other sub-components. So for understanding, we can say that.


1. Knowledge :-

The first component is Knowledge, which means expertise in a particular area. Knowledge is somewhat equal to grades, degrees, or diplomas, but without a basic understanding of concepts, it is useless. In two ways, we can acquire Knowledge from Studying or learning from different people around us. Tekki web solutions promote both; we are hiring fresh talent with proficient Knowledge every year in abundance and making them learn new things by working with Leaders from Day 1.

Knowledge of an employee is a mixture of- Concept learning, Theoretical Knowledge, Peer Learning, Facts, Figures, etc. Reading is the best way to learn or increase the Knowledge. At Tekki web solutions, the first 3 months are the provided training, where candidates apply their concepts under their senior person’s guidance and perform learning tasks to learn about new technologies and methodologies. 

2. Skills :-

The second most important element is Skill. Skill is the actual implication of Knowledge by a person. A person is said to be skillful only if they can apply their Knowledge with a proper balance of Reasoning, Communication, and Interpersonal Skills.

Now the question comes which one is more important, Knowledge or Skill?

Here, at TWS, we believe when we talk about Success, both Skill, and Knowledge work together with equal value. Because only Knowledge or Skill is insufficient, it becomes valuable when they work together and goes positively towards Success. Specific skills that can be immensely beneficial in leading followers include professional courage, decisiveness, patience, and the ability to listen honestly. Each of these skills can be learned. But, each must be applied for their benefits to be realized.

Most of what is known as Knowledge is applied in Skill to contribute towards the accomplishment of personal leadership development. Skill is not a one-time thing as Knowledge is. In the triangle of Success, skill ide can always be improved or upgraded with the changing time.

Which Skill is required at what time is mostly pointed out by our surroundings? Only we need to understand how we can improve and upgrade them. Skill improvement depends upon ourselves. We need to find out which Skill would help me to grow. 

At Tekki Web Solutions, there is a career path designed for every person, and they need to become more skilled and certified to grow according to the designed career path. It’s usually communicated by the senior person the recommendations for improvement to the junior person.

3. Attitude :-

Attitude is the third or most important element of either of the two stated above because Attitude is a personal thing which means ‘desires.’ No success comes without the personal believe or desire to achieve it.

Knowledge is achievable and kills a learning factor, but Attitude is personal and cannot be implemented forcefully. As it is a derived behavior, the performance in that matter of an employee is directly related to their Attitude towards the work. 

To be successful, we need to build successful relationships with the people we work. Hence, we need to have a proactive, optimistic attitude toward our desire to work and towards the other people with whom we are working.

Few people with a wealth of Knowledge and an abundance of skills still aren’t as successful as they should be. The reason, in this case, is usually a marked deficiency in Attitude. Attitude involves sub-components like- Self-confidence, Motivation, and Cooperation.

So mainly, these are the 3 essential elements important to developing the Triangle of Success. To recapitulate, ‘knowledge’ defines our profession, ‘skills’ define the extent of our potential, and ‘attitude’ governs the efficiency we achieve. Therefore, ‘knowledge,’ ‘skills,’ and ‘attitude’ represent the Triangle of Success; thus, these 3 make up the person’s ability. 

Final Thought-

At Tekki web solutions, we have defined the success triangle for every employee. The 3 elements remain the same for all the employees but work differently for all of them. The one thing that remains constant is the outcome of what we define as Success. It helps employees design and upgrade themselves based on these 3 elements. 

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