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TWS Treats Its Employees As Family- How?

Treats Its Employees As Family

Companies say they “treats its employees as family members,” but this is a highly debatable topic. Some experts claim that Companies highlight this to get more profile inflow that can facilitate their hiring and also to grab the cream layer of employees from the market. However, at TWS, we claim the opinion of such people is false, and we highly agree on the point of treating the employees as our family. We believe in providing an employee-friendly culture where all can freely behave as they do in their families and get the best out of it. 

Treats its employees as family may involve both positive and negative consequences. It encourages the employees to give their best as they feel highly motivated and are treated well. On the other hand, it makes decision-making tough for the company due to the involvement of emotions. So, it becomes essential for companies to balance valuing employees as individuals while maintaining professional boundaries and expectations. 

At TWS, “We are working like a Family.” The following traits support this quote and prove the Family-friendly culture at Tekki.

Treats Its Employees As Family Members

  • Providing the best Work-Life Balance: TWS claims to provide the best work-life balance to its employees by always giving them their space and privacy in their matters when and where they need it. Our timings, leave, and holiday policies are designed to make it easy for the employees to devote their best to both family and Work. All the Saturdays are off, and both day & night shifts are available for the employees, who can choose any as per their convenience. Moreover, we are also offering some remote (full-time and part-time) positions in case any employee is from a distant location and can’t relocate due to their commitments. 
  • No Bond: At TWS, we believe in keeping it accessible at both ends- employee and employer. We don’t want any legal or contractual obligation for our employees, so we don’t get any employment bond signed by them. But yes, legal actions can be taken against the employees if any fraudulent activity like- data leakage, etc., gets done or if they leave the company without serving the notice period. It is accessible on both sides to give information before a specific period and revoke employment by providing a proper reason. 
  • Mutual growth and learning opportunities: We consider the employees’ learning needs and opportunities and provide them with the required resources to nurture them. We have our learning platform called TWS Learning Academy, using which employees can have access to various courses related to different technologies, which may lead to enhancing their skills, and that will ultimately be beneficial for the company also as learning new skills will help us to take up the client projects in different genres. TW also provides paid certifications or courses to the employees if they want to do any specific period. 
  • Consider employee goals and priorities: We at Tekki always consider employee goals and provide them with further opportunities by prioritizing the same. ‘Company grows if employee grows individually,’ hence always tend to understand the employee needs, whether in terms of technological skills, increment & promotions or any resources, etc. 
  • No time-bound Increment: There is no specific time fixed for increments of the employees. We have a particular OKR system, according to which employees may get increments as per their performance, and also, it is also not time-bound. So they can get increments even multiple times in a year. They can get increments as and when they complete the specific growth points given to them, and accordingly, with the next increment, the subsequent growth plan would be offered. 
  • Supportive seniors: TWS has always been known for its supportive team culture. We emphasize creating an environment free from any dominance or power dynamics. The seniors or team leaders should be respected. Still, along with that, they are friendly enough to gel with the team by providing full support in any time of need, whether it is professional- regarding any skill or Work or personal.
  • Emotional Connection: It is essential to have an emotional connection with the team and be there when needed with your employees. TWS always holds back on its employees at the time of need whenever employees need any emotional support, whether it is necessary for personal or professional reasons. Whether it is a moment of Joy or Sorrow, TWS has also offered support to its employees.
  • Open Communication: Everybody at TWS has the right to speak freely and keep their point in front of everyone. We believe that anybody at any time may have the idea we are looking for, so everybody should be supported enough to put their point in front of everyone freely, whether it is any suggestion or any issue regarding anything. Our policy formation is also done after discussion with all the employees. We make open conversations with our team regarding the necessary amendments or suggestions in the current policy; after considering all the tips, the procedure is finalized. 
  • Flexibility: To support employees’ flexibility, we provide Work from home facility to the employees, which they may take in their time of need or during any personal distress. During WFH, they have the flexibility to take a break in-between if they have any personal duty to do, and accordingly, flexibility is provided to them for completing the rest of the time as per their availability. This support leads to making the employees have a feeling of belongingness while they work at TWS. 
  • Accommodation: When we talk about the employees being a family, there is one thing that should not be forgotten Family which stays together, grows together.’ TWS offers accommodation to employees who have relocated here from any far locations. This accommodation is very close to our office location, where we have provided all the required facilities like- Water, Furniture, AC, Kitchen, etc. so as to ensure the comfort of the team members. 

The given points explain all the points and state that how TWS always ensures to treat its employees as Family members. However, a few factors are expected from employees also in this case, since the effort to be like a family would only work if it is from both sides. Employees, in this case, should not take over advantage of the fact that the company is giving importance to them and valuing their thoughts and ideas in decision-making. There should be a balance between creating a positive work culture that values employees as individuals while also maintaining professional boundaries and expectations. 

TWS always strives to treats its employees as family members to create a sense of community, loyalty, and support within the workplace. It can also lead to increased job satisfaction and employee engagement, which can ultimately benefit the company’s bottom line. We always provide fair remuneration, benefits, and excellent working conditions to our employees as well as opportunities for professional development and career advancement to foster growth, collaboration, and mutual respect. This leads to increased productivity and a stronger overall work culture. 

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