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Effective Tips to Build Work-Life Integration

Work Life Integration

There are many hurdles to work life Integration. Kick all to the curb and relate a less stressful life.

Some people are always at ease. Maybe you know someone like this at the workplace as well. They respond to your messages quickly without any anger and seem to have a good personal life, interesting hobbies, and a rich life outside of work.

How do they do it? 

They might be following a work life balance practice known as work life Integration. With more than half of Americans saying they find it difficult to keep a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives, the concept of work life Integration has headed recently.

Work-life balance vs. work-life Integration?

The nature of work-life balance where you divides time and energy at work. Work life Integration is about blending both professional and personal life into one body, which means bringing work and life closer together. Below are a few examples and differences between the both.

Work-life integration

  1. You put your exercise time in the middle of your workday, most probably during your lunch break.
  2. You can able to spend much of your morning time helping your child with their school homework and catching up on your own work in the evening.
  3. You can take care of the kids while your spouse or partner works for half of the day, and then for the second half, your partner can take responsibility.
  4. You and your spouse or partner pick the kids up from school/day-care pending your schedules.
  5. You take your system along on a family trip to get some work done while you’re on a holiday.


Work-life Balance

  1. Your exercise time will be either in the morning before you start work or in the evening after you get free from work.
  2. You and your child can attend work and school during the weekdays and catch up on quality family time over the weekends.
  3. You and your spouse or partner take turns picking the kids up from school/day-care pending your schedules.
  4. After working nonstop for months, you cash in your vacation days and unplug from work.

Why Is Work-Life Integration important?

The conservative idea of work-life balance has constantly emphasized creating a balance between professional and personal life. Studies show that this technique encourages people to focus on an even distribution of hours between work and life. This further creates competition between the two elements and can be frustrating for individuals who struggle to achieve and maintain this balance. Therefore, work life integration strategies present a more realistic alternative with equal importance in both work and life.

  • Work life integration makes it easier to choose between their family and their career for working parents.
  • It allows you to work on flexible hours so that one can able to complete their priority-based tasks as per their requirement.
  • It provides a new vision and mixes things up; combining both aspects of your life can make it less monotonous, and you can enjoy all your responsibilities.

Tips to improve work life Integration

Working on flexible timings in work life Integration may seem difficult at first, but effective strategies can help you align all your responsibilities. Below are a few tips for work life Integration that can help.

1. Avoid Compartmentalizing 

You need to know that there will be times when work comes into personal time and vice versa. Instead, be flexible and accept the facts that different areas of life will overlap.

2. Brainstorm steps to implement your vision

List your priorities and the steps to achieve them immediately. Get ideas and start brainstorming regarding implementation and make your vision clear.

3. Make a schedule on weekly bases.

Creating and implementing a schedule is imperative. Understand and prioritize your work. Once you’ve decided how to integrate work and family tasks, make a plan. When you make your schedule, think about time for your family and for you to rejuvenate and recharge.

4. Reward and encourage healthy habits.

When your employees are Healthy automatically, your workplace will be healthy.

Reward employees who use work life integration options for healthy habits, like exercising. If they want to take an hour in the afternoon to go for a walk, during lunchtime, reward it. If they come to you with concerns about burnout and want to find a way to combat stress and anxiety, reward it.

This is where you can give benefits to employees, such as health club memberships, gift cards, and nutrition or dietician consultation— all through the workplace.

4. Reassure them of boundaries.

There is always the fear for the efficient employees that work life Integration will be difficult, and they will never get a free moment for themselves and their families.

  • Make an effort to avoid overburden and relying on the same employees in their “off hours,” especially when other employees refuse to respond.
  • Create a way for employees to come to you with concerns and ideas about burnout and too much connectivity where they don’t have to fear consequences for voicing their concerns and thoughts.

5. Be willing to experiment.

Work life Integration isn’t something you’ll achieve immediately. Initially, it is a learning process with trial and error.

It would help if you needed a small change to get you going correctly. For instance, one might decide to start exercising in the middle of the day during lunch break, rather than rushing to a class right after office hours, Or even making a phone call to schedule an appointment or completing family pending work during lunch timings vs. waiting until lunch or “outside of work” times. Observe if small changes are right for you before adding other options.

Final Words:

Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides the benefits of Work Life Integration to their employees. The company offers work-from-home opportunities, and employees can attend phone calls in between their working hours, facility of two shifts (day and night) to work according to convince, little flexible hours to maintain a healthy work-life.

Work life Integration isn’t to pull someone to more work, more hours, but the same pay. Instead, it’s the opportunity to live each day without compartmentalization. But, when work life Integration correctly follows, it can lower stress, create engaged employees, and help with significant revenue. With flexible working hours, one can easily maintain the balance between personal and professional life.

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