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How We Hire

Hiring Process in 6 essential steps

TWS finds the top talent by continually recruiting and focusing on personality and alignment of the candidate with our culture as a priority. In this way we are able to shortlist and select candidates down by how well they align with our ethos, as well as their technical skills. Following are the essential key steps of hiring at TWS-


Selecting high potential candidate

With the help of competence based interview for different vacancies. TWS selects the candidate with higher potential candidate, with qualified knowledge. It involves a more thorough screening of every single candidate’s achievement.

assesment test

Technical or Non-technical Assessment

The next key point for TWS Hiring comes to conducting the technical test, live screening to assess the problem solving ability, depth of experience, communication ability, creativity, and level of competency in that skill.

practical test

Interview for the final selection process

We then narrow down the list by conducting the final interview over the zoom or face to face that seeks to assess their character type and get to know the candidate a little better. The nexxt round would be HR round for personality.

technical discussion

HR round for personality

Once we’ve collected some of the best talent for our required vacancies, we run personality tests and assessments to see whether the potential candidates meet the core values and culture fit for the organization and have the required maturity for the specified role or not.

HR Round

Talent Negotiation and Documentation

It is almost the last and final step before the final on boarding of the candidate. Here we discuss the offers and job roles and other terms and conditions to work with us. If agreed, then the procedure is proceeded with their documentation.

final documentation

Candidates who accept are on-boarded

It is the grand finale stage of our hiring process, where we offer the offer letter to the candidate and if they accept that then they are boarded into the company. They can join us as per the specified date.

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Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Hiring Models We Follow at TWS

Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. basically follows two hiring models based on which we reach the right candidates for the right job profile.

Direct Approach

Candidates are free to approach us directly for their recruitment. TWS follows four kinds of direct hiring approaches as mentioned.

full time

Full-time (On-Site & Remote)

We provide direct hiring of the suitable candidates at our office premises. We also offer to hire suitable candidates who can work from any remote location.

part time

Part Time (On hourly basis)

TWS gives the opportunity to busy candidates who also wants to focus on their career on an hourly basis (3-4 hours a day).



It is a special programme in which we hire mentors to mentor our employees on a particular topic. (10-20 hours a month).

Through Consultants

Third-party recruiting agencies are also welcome to support the recruitment process at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
where we follow two hiring models.

hiring on commission

Hiring on Commission

We pay recruitment agencies a specific commission (usually 8.33% of Annual Package or 50% of one month’s salary) of the decided CTC of the successfully recruited candidate.

3rd party payroll

Third Party Payroll

Where we hire candidates on payroll of the consultancy or hiring firm for a specific period of time. This method includes stability assurance, replacement if the previous candidate discontinues.

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Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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